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Are you Part of a Health & Wellness related Business?



Or any health and wellness business out there wanting to get out and spread the word about what you do?

Yes? Then Join Harmony Health Fairs &

Participate in an Event Near You!

What We Do for Exhibitors

Harmony Health Fairs provides a great opportunity of connecting health & wellness professionals and related companies with corporate employees at our corporate wellness events. Our goal is to provide our vendors this valuable opportunity not only to educate but to expand their client base and grow their businesses via face-to-face networking with corporate clientele at our interactive events. 


 We do this by:


  1. Producing and Organizing annual corporate health & wellness events in your area where you can get face-to-face with potential clients in a professional but exciting environment.  These are busy people who are either covered by insurance for your services or are simply searching for new avenues of health & wellness such as yours!

  2. Providing incentive games and elements to our events and their attendees that encourage attendees to interact with our exhibitors since doing so will enter them into our raffle comprised of numerous valuable prizes. 

  3. Advertising the event via multiple channels including marketing posters, fliers, email invitations/announcements, social media, and even on the company's own employee intranet network! We design all these marketing mediums to attract as much of the corporation's employees as possible to meet you and learn about your health enhancing services or products. 


Exciting, Interactive, Beneficial

Health & Wellness

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