Mission: To promote health & wellness in the workplace by connecting employees with traditional & alternative health providers in exciting, interactive events.

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Custom, Top-Notch Health Fairs


Harmony Health Fairs specializes in creating exciting, interactive corporate health fairs to give benefit to company employees and lend credit to their Human Resources departments.


Employees LOVE Health Fairs


By providing screenings, services (like FREE MASSAGE i.e.), demonstrations and even raffle prizes – we engage high percentages of employees to participate.  We have different incentive games to involve the employees to experience something new and learn more about health.

Cost-Effective (Our Health Fairs are FREE)


Our health fair business model requires virtually NO COST to the company (unless you want to supply giveaways or enhance the event with food). By providing this service free to corporations, we are able to expose more employees to health enhancement and proactive wellness habits.



Exciting, Interactive, Beneficial

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